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For green coffee suppliers

Roastains Green Coffee Policy

Dear Green Coffee Friend,

Welcome to our page, we have written this set of tips to create satisfying cooperation, that will be profitable for both sides - save your work and money and save our time.

As a roasting company we want to develop competitive advantage based on the best quality beans.
To ensure that Roastains avoids conflict of interests and buys green coffee only from specialized companies which does not build similar to us type of business.


We buy coffees meet following requirements:

  1. Available minimum 3 bags (excluding Cup of Excellence lots and ultra rare nanolots),
  2. Beans packed into membrane bags (GrainPro/Ecotact/VidePlast) and juta bag or into Klabin bags or vacuumed,
  3. Green beans are evaluated by Q grader and quality team,
  4. We buy only current crops,
  5. We buy coffee with Q score 80+ only,
  6. Early post harvest, type samples, pre-shipment samples should contain 51g of green coffee at minimum (we will roast them and recalculate defects basing on proportion),
  7. Spot samples should contain 350g (we will recalculate defects in smaller samples basing on proportion),
  8. Coffee bags must meet sanitary requirements of European Comission and Polish autorities,
  9. We accept coffees which meet our humidity and density requirements.
  10. Our final decisions are always made basing on spot-samples.

If it comes to evaluation and feedbacks:

  1. Cuppings: 5 cups cupping following CQI instructions,
  2. Forms: SCA cupping forms are in use,
  3. Cuppers are CQI Q Graders,
  4. Feedback: We are sorry but we have limited time, so we just order chosen coffee or we send very short notice about rejection an offer.


Green coffee samples should be send to our lab address:

Roastains Przemyslaw Tarnawski
Krzysztof Wiciak
ul. Pułkownika Stanisława Dąbka 8/224
Kraków, Poland
+48 536277470

We are asking suppliers from NON-EU countries to prepare an invoice with all items inside the package and including shipping costs.

Invoice address:


Roastains Przemyslaw Tarnawski
Wysłouchów 14/43, 30-611 Krakow, Poland

VAT-UE: PL6792970199

EORI: PL679297019900000


Thank you!

Przemek Tarnawski
Roastains Green Coffee Buyer

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