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Brazil Sweet Espresso – coffee beans for espresso and moka pot

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Sweet coffee from Brazil - our coffee lovers love it!

Brazilian coffee doesn't have to be boring at all! Our Brazilian Sweet Espresso is a coffee that delights cafés, restaurants and our customers who choose to brew it at home. Interestingly, the beans of this coffee from Brazil have been with us since the very beginning of Roastains. For this reason in particular, we invite you to discover this exceptional coffee, which comes from the Sitio Cachoeirinha plantation, owned by Mrs Clementina.


Flavour and aroma

Brazil Sweet Espresso contains no additives or artificial flavours. Thanks to the exceptional quality of the specialty beans, you can sense the aroma and flavour of chocolate, molasses and hazelnuts. These flavour notes are the sensory profile, the natural flavour of the coffee.

The character ot the coffee

Mundo novo is a bean variety with a very delicate and classically nutty-chocolate flavour. Thanks to the natural processing, the coffee has an extraordinary balance in flavour and a delicately vinous acidity. This makes it our best coffee for the espresso machine, for espresso and for milk coffees such as cappuccino, flat white or latte.


Mocna kawa brazylijska prosto z palarni kawy. Kawy brazylijskie słyną ze swojej słodyczy i mocy. Najlepsze kawy brazylijskie znajdziesz w naszej palarni. Ta konkretna ma łagodny smak ale jest mocna i stawia na nogi. Kawa espresso z tej kawy brazylijskiej to świetny wybór bo jej smak jest wyjątkowy. Kawa pełna mocnego smaku, które zawiera opakowanie!
Każde opakowanie kaw jest inne. W tej kawie znajdziesz zrównoważony smak. Wiele kaw? Które opakowanie wybrać? Weź te ze słodką kawą. Czekoladowa nuta to coś, co najbardziej lubimy w naszych kawach. Miłośnicy kawy wiedzą, że kawa przygotowana dobrze to espresso pełne słodyczy, nie kwasowości. Opakowanie pełne słodkiej coffee. Ciesz się swoją kawą!
Opakowanie Kawa brazylijska – ziarnista? Robusta? Najlepiej ziarnista arabica!Kawa ziarnista dobra jest do zmielenia i zaparzona we french press. Taka Brazylia będzie miała w sobie wyczuwalną czekoladę. Kawa i jej smak – czekolada, nuta tytoniu ale też pełna aromatu słodkich owoców. Sprawdź jak smakuje i spróbuj coffee latte. ”W
Robusta nie zaskoczy Cię smakiem taj jak Brazylia pełna aromatu czekolady. Jest pyszna i w jej aromacie znajdzie się też wanilia. Afryki często są kwaśne, dlatego wybierze aromatyczne opakowanie kawy z Brazylii! Jest wiele smaków w kawie robusta, ale jeszcze więcej w arabice. Kawa z Brazylii ma masę czekolady, kakao i aromatów owoców. Chcesz spróbować brazylijską kawę ale chcesz żeby miała niską kwasowość? Słodka kawa z Brazylii Sweet Espresso to dobry wybór. Kawę brazylijską przygotujesz w: french press, kawiarka ale też z mlekiem. Sprawdź jak pachnąca może być kawa z Sao Paulo!


What water and method besides pressure machines do you brew this coffee with?

Why is a roaster the best source of coffee?

Roastains roastery is a small coffee producer, but it is in the small ones that there is strength! We bring our green coffee beans directly to the roaster to roast fresh coffee every day - a guarantee of specialty quality. Most importantly for us are the arabicas you will find in our shop. We know everything about them - where they come from, who grows them, what exact coffee botanicals they come from.

You can drink our coffee in many renowned cafes across Poland, something we are extremely proud of.



Informations about those coffee beans


Facts about Brazil Sweet Espresso

  • Origin: Albertina – MG, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Farm: Sitio Cachoeirinha
  • Producer: Clementina da Penha M. Conceicao
  • Altitude: 1150 m n.p.m.
  • Species: Coffea Arabica
  • Varietal: Mundo Novo
  • Processing method: dry (natural)
  • Year of the harvest: the lastest
  • Quality: very good (82,5 cupping points)
Kawa brazylijska


Brazil is the land of coffee

The Federal Republic of Brazil, it is hard to write that it lies in the north-eastern part of South America, as it occupies half of this continent. It has access to the Atlantic Ocean at a length of 7491 km. It neighbours Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela and Uruguay. In Brazil, the official language is Portuguese. The monetary unit is the Real (BRL) and it is similar in value to 3/4 of a Polish zloty.

Coffee in Brazil is mainly grown in the south-eastern part of the country. The country boasts the first place on the list among all coffee-growing countries, with a production of 3018,000 tonnes of coffee per year - making it the largest coffee producer in the world. Nearly 70% of the coffee produced in the country is Arabica and 30% is Robusta. The botanical varieties of Arabica that are grown in the country are mainly bourbons, but there are also quite a few catuaia crops, as well as acaii. catucai, catiguy, topazio, obata and icatu.

Kawa brazylijska ma łagodny smak, w którym odnajdzie się ciemna czekolada.


Explore Brazil's Sweet Espresso growing region - Albertina

Minas Gerais is the state that is the largest producer of coffee in Brazil. Minas Gerais, accounts for almost 50% of the country's production. It also happens to be the main source of Brazilian speciality coffee.

The location of the plantations in the south-eastern part of Brazil (Albertina - MG, Minas Gerais) ensures mild temperatures for the coffee farmers, thanks to the presence of a subtropical climate that brings rainy summers and dry light winters, the temperatures on the plantations are usually between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. These conditions allow the bushes to grow safely, stably and fruit at an even level - this has a significant impact on the future taste and quality of the beans.

Kawiarka – tak kawa przygotowana może smakować najlepiej, jakbyś pił ją w Rio De Janeiro.


Brazilian coffee plantation

Amazing views, mountain climate, dedicated people and Brazilian coffees - the Sitio Cachoeirinha plantation in all its glory. The farm, owned by Mrs Clementina, is currently looked after by her son. The young farmer decided to plant his family's land with an arabica variety - mundo novo.

On his land, this coffee variety yields extremely sweet beans, and in addition, the natural processing that this plantation performs on its own emphasises the distinctive vinous flavour of this coffee. This Brazilian arabica is brought to our coffee roastery year after year. For this very reason, we believe that the best Brazilian coffees we roast for coffee machines come from the Sitio Cachoeirinha plantation!

Zadaj pytanie, jaka kawa brazylijska ma smak orzechów i niską kwasowość.


Brazilian coffee grown with respect for the environment

For the grower family, it is important that all work is done with extraordinary respect for the land and the environment. Thanks to this approach, the rich and fertile soils give the coffee subtle nutty notes. The coffee works well as a bean for classic espresso and blends superbly with milk. It is our best-selling coffee. These beans are used by many of the best cafés in Poland.

Kawa ziarnista z Brazylii ma zrównoważony smak, a jej sposób przygotowania jest prosty i znany na całym świecie.


Brazilian Sweet Espresso coffee - bean processing

The coffee is harvested and then dried in the sun, the dried fruit is separated mechanically from the beans in a dry mill, the residue from the fruit goes back into the ground as compost. This process of processing coffee is called natural (dry, natural method) and is the oldest way of processing coffee. If you are curious about the details, we invite you to read our article on natural processing, from which you will learn even more.

Arabica Mundo Novo to świetna kawa brazylijska, która smakuje doskonale parzona jako kawiarka.


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