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Coffee fudge 125 g - milk candy enriched with specialty coffee

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Well, who doesn't like fudge?

There are two things that everyone probably loves. The first thing is coffee, of that there is no doubt. But there is another thing that comes from another planet, and that is fudge. We won't back up this thesis with any statistics, but if you're a contrarian and like us, you'll love coffee: try Milky Cloud's coffee escape with Brazilian coffee, and if it doesn't work, we'll talk later. holding the fudge in your mouth. If you don't like sticky fudge, we have a great tip for you: give them a month's rest. After this time, the sugar inside should crystallize and the treat will become crumbly. You'll find the best in our fudge: natural butter, milk, sugar and caffeine!

And how many of these fudges?

125 grams, or about 7-8 fudge - they are handmade, the pulp is hand-cooked, they are hand-cut and hand-packed, so the weight of a single candy varies from 12 to 18 grams, hence the different number of candies in a package. We pack by weight and always to your advantage.

Why does fudge like coffee?

Why not?!

Fudge, according to a traditional recipe, is a candy that is crisp on the outside and malleable on the inside with milk and butter. All sweets like to go with coffee, so we broke the milk pulls with our Milky Cloud Brazilian coffee, which is one of our customers' favorites. Here is a pulling fudge that you can enjoy with joy!

We offer you a mix that is made from two coffees that we are really proud of. And honestly? We ourselves have enjoyed drinking it for a long time!


Flavour and aroma

Our fudge is milk and kajmak with Brazilian Milky Cloud coffee. We personally worked on the recipe of the seemingly ordinary sweets combined with coffee.

Character of coffee fudges

They don't bite, they are mild muffins. Their sweetness and classically kajmak flavor, broken with coffee takes you to a wonderful dessert land. Watch out because it's easy to fly away with our fudge!



Czy to krówki reklamowe? Żadna forma reklamy nie może być tak pyszna i słodka jak smak naszych krówek. Krówki to cukierki, które kochają dzieci, a ich składniki i cukier sprawia, że ciągnąca się przyjemność z pewnością będzie radością! Kup krówki swoim klientom firm lub na weselach! Każdemu nasze krówki trafią do gustu! W Polsce w każdy sklep ma wybór krówek, dlatego my mamy krówki z kawą, które możesz kupić prosto z palarni! Masz możliwość zapoznania się z krówkami z Roastains! Poznaj wyjątkowy smak krówek z kawą!
Najlepsze krówki to coś więcej niż słodkie cukierki! U nas możesz spróbować ciągutki mleczne z tradycyjnej receptury krówek. Ciągnące się, słodkie cukierki. Najlepsze krówki reklamowe to dobra forma reklamy? Kruche ciągutki przypadną Ci do gustu i z pewnością możesz odczuć przyjemność w ustach. Krówki z tradycyjnej receptury to słodycze, których składniki są najlepsze. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się ze składem krówek w naszym sklepie.
Czy krówka to tylko cukier? Nie! To słodycz, którą uwielbiają dzieci i dorośli. Spróbuj naszych kawowych krówek i przekonaj się, że najlepsze są w Polsce. Sekret krówek to miękkie wnętrze w środku słodyczy. Możesz poznać smak krówek produkowanych w Polsce.Smak kawowych krówek rozpływających się w usyach jest warty zapoznania się z ofertą firm. Krówkę z kawą kupisz na stronie internatowej czyli sklepie naszej palarni.


How are our coffee fudges made?

Our milk fudge are unusual because we combined them with the coffee that is our top seller: Milky Cloud Brazil. Coffee is added to the fudge in two fractions - very strongly brewed coffee and in the form of very finely ground pollen. We ground the coffee very finely, just like for tiramisu or coffee creams. The coffee pollen is added at the very end of preparing the fudge, so that the coffee gently brews into a sweet fudge buttercream.


Discover the unique coffee that is in our fudges

Milky Cloud Brazil blends fantastically with milk! In the coffee itself you will sense a nutty and deeply chocolatey flavor. This coffee comes from the Carmo De Minas region and is grown on the Fazenda Sertão plantation.

The plantation is still managed by Mrs. Nazareth Dias Pereira, who enlists the help of her grandchildren. The plantation is located above 1,000 meters above sea level in Carmo de Minas, where the average annual temperature is 18ºC. The coffee plants are planted on the tops of slopes with gradients of up to 50%. The wild, natural conditions influence the health and condition of the shrubs. Thanks to biodiversity and the presence of many varieties of local plants, even ripening and protection from fungal infections, diseases and pests are ensured. All these steps ultimately lead to excellent quality grains.


Specialty coffee - what is it?

Like all our coffees, Milky Cloud Brazil is a specialty coffee. No coffee is the same, and there are many differences between them. One of the main discrepancies between coffees is the quality segment. To evaluate them, a special sheet is used to focus and evaluate the different components that affect our perception of coffee, such as flavor, aroma, but also aftertaste, acidity quality, flavor stability.

Specialty is the highest quality a coffee (Arabica) can have. Specialty beans receive 80 to 100 points. 100 points is the highest rating a coffee can get. Such coffees cannot have any first-order defects, but can have a maximum of 5 minor defects (second-order) in a 350 g sample.


Who evaluates roasted coffee and green coffee beans?

Our Q Arabica Grader - Przemek Tarnawski. A Q Arabica grader/Q Robusta Grader is a qualified person who evaluates coffee. At Roastains, the only one of the few Q Graders is the roaster's founder, Przemyslaw Tarnawski, who has earned certification, can professionally evaluate coffee based on his knowledge, experience, evaluation sheet and is calibrated with a group of sensory scientists from around the world.

Q graders are specialists who have gone through a long way of learning sensorics and coffee bean knowledge and have completed 19 exams. Such a person is able to find defects in coffee that, depending on the intensity, can affect the quality of the raw material. Usually, a Q Grader will be able to name and point out what the improper flavor is due to - whether from improper processing, transportation or maybe it is caused by poor roasting of the raw material.


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