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Gwatemala Escogido – coffee for espresso and moka pot

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Extremely, low acidity, sweet coffee from Guatemala for espresso machines


Try coffee from Guatemala and appreciate its sweet taste

Guatemala Escogido coffee was created differently than all our coffees, it was profiled by us at the request of one of the cafes in Krakow. From the café owners' description of the flavour they were looking for, we concluded that it had to be a coffee that was grown in Central America, and that the desired processing method was the washed wet process.

This coffee comes from the Huehuetenango (pronounced Lej-łej-ten-ango) region, grown around 1700-1800 metres above sea level, and the botanical variety of the bean is red bourbon.

Even during our first tests, this coffee charmed us and the café keepers with its character and perfect mouthfeel in espresso.

If you are looking for non-acidic and sweet beans, don't hesitate to add this product to your basket and ready.


Flavour and aroma

Keep in mind that the described drinking experience of this and every other coffee from our roastery, is only their natural character, which we bring out thanks to the professional roasting of the coffee beans.

This is pure coffee and pure flavour beans from Guatemala. In the taste and aroma, you can detect almonds, walnuts and also chocolate. There are dessert notes that are delicately balanced by the taste of red fruits - cherries and sweet cranberries.

The character of coffee

This is a bean coffee with a noble dessert character, sweet yet very clean and balanced. All the flavour components fit together and nothing interferes with the pleasure of drinking this coffee, whether in espresso form or with milk.

When you add milk, you will feel the intense taste of chocolate and nuts.





We developed Guatemala Escogido for flask coffee makers, but because of this, it will be perfect when brewed in a more traditional way, either in a coffee machine or using a french press.

You can read how to brew these beans on our blog, where you can find instructions for brewing using a variety of methods: frenchpress, café.

Fresh coffee directly from coffee roastery

Shipping your coffee straight from the roaster will always guarantee you much fresher beans than the coffees offered by any stationary shop.

Wybierz warianty, które Cię interesują i włóż razem produkty do koszyka, kup kawę i wysyłka nastąpi bardzo szybko



Guatemala Escogido coffee - bean information


Facts about this coffee:

  • Origin: La Democracia, Escuintla, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Farm: Palo Blanco
  • Producer: Ivan Ovalle Altuve
  • Altitude: 1700-1800 m n.p.m.
  • Specie: Coffea Arabica
  • Odmiana botaniczna: Red Bourbon
  • Processing method: wet (washed)
  • The year of harvest: the latest
  • Quality: outstanding specialty (85,50 cupping points)
kawa gwatemala, mamy nadzieję, że masz już paczkę w koszyku i niebawem nastąpi wysyłka


Learn about the region where the beans grew

Guatemala has the highest GDP (gross domestic product) of the Central American countries, thanks in part to coffee cultivation, with coffee and coffee products accounting for as much as 10% of GDP.

Huehuetenango is known around the world primarily for its coffee tree cultivation. In addition to the green beans, cotton and leather are also processed there.

In addition to agriculture, Huehuetenango is visited in large numbers by tourists who are interested in seeing the San Juan River and the restored ruins of the Mayan civilisation at Zaculeu.

Huehuetenango  - wystarczą trzy kliknięcia w Twojej przeglądarce i produkty w Twoim koszyku będą u Ciebie w domu



The cherries were hand-picked and then put into a machine that separates the bean from the fruit (a depulper). The coffee was then given a bath, which is a kind of fermentation.

The pulp residue present during fermentation is broken down and, in the subsequent washing process, comes away from the beans in the parchment much more easily. There is still a long way to go to get the final product, the parchment grain must be thoroughly dried in a special dryer called a guardiola and then its moisture content is stabilised.

Only then are the products hulled to remove the parchment husk and beautiful, shiny, blue-green pearls are obtained.

kawa gwatemala w procesie obróbki mokrej


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