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Peru Obsessive Llama – coffee for espresso and moka pot

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Obsessive Llama Peruvian coffee - for fans of dessert flavors and dark chocolate in espresso


Are you on the team of coffee with low acidity and dessert character? If so then Peru Obsessive Lama is just for you! Experience coffee grown by farmers from a valley in the high Andes and see how unique coffees from Peru are!


Flavour and aroma

We do not add flavors to our coffees, every descriptor coffee gains during the roasting. You will find the sensory profile we provide in the description in the coffee you brew. Peru Obesessive Llama you'll find sweet flavors: dark chocolate, butterscotch cookies and cashew nuts, which are broken by a delicate acidity and lemon flavor.

The character and taste

Obsessive Peru Espresso is intensely dessert-like and sweet. It has little acidity in it, so it will be a great choice for you if you avoid it. It tastes great with milk! You will sense the intense flavor of cashews in the milk coffee.


Peru shg to kawa ziarnista uprawiana na ekologicznych plantacjach. Peru shg  to kawa pozyskana z plantacji położonych w czystym środowisku. Kawę Peru okrzyknięto najlepszą kawą arabica jak aromatyczne czekolady. Nasza strona oferuje ją w wersji do ekspresów i kawiarek. kawa Peru arabica charakteryzuje niska kwasowość i owoce tropikalne” width=
Peru SHG to ziarna kawy obfitujące w substancje odżywcze, wyrazisty smak.” width= Każdy producent kawy Peru SHG ma oznaczenie SHG. Peruwiańskie kawy to często oznaczenia strictly high grown. łagodna kawa o czystym smaku, pełna aromatów. Spróbuj kawę Peru po turecku!!
Jaśmin, owoce, karmel i czekolada to często smaki kawy Peru, które są na światowej liście. Kawa ziarnista z Peru często jest uprawiana ponad 1200 metrów nad poziomem morza. To doskonałe warunki do upraw kawowców. Aromat espresso z ziarna z Peru arabica jest wyjątkowy. Ważne jest żeby kawa była odpowiednio drobno mielona. Honduras SHG ma wyrazisty smak. Taka kawa ziarnista oznaczona jest jako strictly high grown Do każdego produktu umieszczonego w koszyku możesz dopisać rabat!” width=
Świeżość kaw z Roastains możesz odkryć u siebie! Darmowa wysyłka od 75 złotych i kawa jest i Ciebie w domu. Producent kawy celowo sadzi krzewy wyżej, aby wolniej pobierały cenne substancje odżywcze z ziemi. Nie jest potrzebne opryskiwanie pestycydami jeśli zachowa się bioróżnorodność na plantacji kawy z Peru. Dodaj do koszyka, cena po rabacie będzie niższa – pamiętaj! Kawa i kawa, a może herbata? Wiemy, że kawa jest najlepsza, a szczególnie ta z Peru!



Do you know the best way to set your espresso machine?

If you're using a home coffee machine (with grinder builtin), set it to the highest temperature, the instruction manual that comes with the equipment will help you. Set your grinder to the finest grind possible, at which the machine can brew a reasonable amount of coffee - 30-45 ml. Remember to adjust the coarseness of grinding when the grinder is running, as it is easy to damage the ceramic discs (filaments).


Why is a roaster the best source of coffee?

Roastains roastery is a small coffee producer, but it's in the small ones that there is strength! We bring our green coffee beans directly to the roaster to roast fresh coffee every day - a guarantee of specialty quality. The most important thing for us are the arabicas you will find in our store.

Our customers have come to love the coffees we offer them. We know this thanks to reviews and private messages about our beans. Invite coffee from Roastains into your home!

Obsessive Llama Peru coffee - learn more about coffee from Central America



  • Origin: Chanchamayo, Peru
  • Producer: Negrisa
  • Farmer: smallholders from Villa Rica, Pichanaki and Satipo
  • Altitude: 1500 – 1700 m.a.s.l.
  • Specie: Coffea arabica
  • Varietal: Typica
  • Processing methos: wet (washed)
  • The year of the harvest: the latest
  • Quality: specialty, 84 cupping points 
Zadaj pytanie jaka jest data dostępności kawy arabica.


How coffee is grown in Peru?

The country stands in the shadow of the manufacturing powerhouses of Colombia and Brazil. While Brazil has its famous productivity and Colombia has an efficient infrastructure for the specialty coffee sector, Peru is smaller, more economical and still invisible. However, the history, landscape and increasing quality of the beans grown there are reasons to disenchant this stereotype, especially in relation to the product from Chanchamayo.

The country held its first Cup of Excellence competition in 2017, and the latest one just took place in October in Jaén, a city in the northwest that is relatively close to the border with Ecuador. Of the 21 farms that won the CoE. Fans of dessert flavors will also find a taste of cocoa and chocolate in these coffees.

owoce tropikalne są często wyczuwalne w kawach Peru SHG.


Chanchamayo - the region where Peru Obsessive Llama is grown

In Chanchamayo, coffees are grown in the hills of the valley, in the high Andes at altitudes of more than 1,350 meters above sea level. The region is located about 320 kilometers from Lima and it grows coffees that are gaining great popularity through their exquisite taste.

Coffee production in Chanchamayo accounts for as much as 40% of Peru's total coffee harvest. There are mainly cooperatives here, which bring together many, small farms that grow coffee. On average, one farmer produces less than a ton of coffee per year. Arabica beans grown in Chanchamayo include (generally) Caturra, Typica, Pache and Bourbon varieties. Typically, harvest time in Peru is from June to mid-September, and the coffee is delivered to mills, which mainly use a "washing" process to prepare the coffee for sale and export.

czekolady i kawy tworzą razem produkty, które klienci umieszczają w koszyku


Negrisa - coffee producer

Negrisa is a family-owned company engaged in the processing, quality control and export of its own coffee. With more than 15 years of experience, they supply coffees of exceptional quality and great taste to global markets.

Negrisa is a processing station and is also involved in the cultivation, quality control and export of coffees. The producer brings together farmers who grow coffee on the slopes of the valleys in Villa Rica, Pichanaki, Satipo. Negrisa provides them with support in the form of seedlings, processing stations but also constant access to trade and sale of green beans after harvesting.  

Peru shg to kawa arabica, której aromat przypomina zapach czekolady


Organic coffee cultivation

The vast majority of growers in the Chanchamayo region grow organic coffee, avoiding artificial fertilizers and pesticides and instead using biodiversity and growing under the shade of native trees, which has a positive impact on the environment and coffee quality.

This kind of attention and concern for the environment are just some of the things Peru deserves more credit for: nationally, more than 30 percent of its coffee plantations are certified organic, making it the world's second-largest eco producer. There are also strong ties between producers thanks to a large number of cooperative associations. This is an advantage the country has over its neighbors.

ziarnista arabica rosnąca na 1500 m n.p.m będzie obfitować w takie smaki jak czekolada, pełna aromatów dobrego produktu.


What does the SHG designation provide?

Peru Obsessive Llama SHG. The designation SHG (Strictly High Grown) or SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) - both terms are equivalent. They refer to coffees growing above 1,200 meters above sea level.

"Stress" for plants growing at higher altitudes means that the bush must develop longer roots to reap more benefits and reach deeper into the soil. Deep, fertile soil holds nutrients and more valuable mineral salts. For more on SHG on grain evaluation criteria, read our blog article.

Gorący napar zawsze smakuje, szczególnie parzony


Processing - this is how green coffee beans are made

In contrast to natural processing, which will find low acidity, washed processing provides crisp and clean tasting, fruity notes and higher acidity. It is the most commonly used processing in specialty segment coffees. Check out how coffee is made from washed processing.

kawa Peru arabica z wysokości powyżej 1500 m n.p.m to produkty wysokiej jakości.

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