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Colombia Flying Buddy – coffee for espresso and moka pot

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The strongest coffee from Colombia, Arabica for espresso machines


Naturally distinctive in taste

Colombia Flying Buddy is an extraordinary coffee with large beans (Excelso) and a delicate, lemony acidity that is balanced by a complex sweetness.

Siblings Hernan Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto ensure that their plantation operates in harmony and with respect for the environment. With this approach, the coffee plantations have a higher track record in the quality of coffee you can enjoy.

Learn more about Flying Buddha and the ins and outs of this Colombian coffee, and find out what Excelso and Supremo coffee is from our article.

Flavour and aroma

We do not flavor our coffees. You will find the sensory profile we provide in the description in the coffee you brew. Colombia Flying Buddy is characterized by pleasant, palpable acidity with balanced flavor and a deep chocolate finish. We sensed chocolate, almond and Renklod plum in these beans. You can even find a taste of lime in our Colombia!

Flying Buddy's Colombian coffee has medium acidity and is sure to be your perfect choice if you like a high sweetness that complements the coffee's fruity character.


With espresso coffee roasting, our Colombia will taste best brewed in a café and espresso machine. The medium acidity is a huge asset to this coffee, especially if you like the combination of fruity coffee flavor with milk.

Our Flying Buddy is strong and expressive. When you add milk, you will smell caramel, honey and plums. This combination evokes in us associations with a real homemade plum cake.


Rano i wieczorem osiołek z kolumbii niesie na grzbiecie worek kawy. Koneserzy uważają, że najlepsza kawa kolumbijska jest aromatyczna i warta spróbowania. Kolumbijska kawa Kawy z Brazylii rosną niżej niż te z Kolumbii. Świetne warunki wpływają na smak czekolady, orzechów
Kolumbijską kawę znajdziesz na stronie  Kawa kolumbijska najlepiej smakuje w ekspresie ciśnieniowym. Oto nasz sklep pełen ziaren kawy! Najlepsza kawa kolumbijska to Excelso Smak espresso kolumbijskiej kawy jest lepszy niż odmiana coffee robusta.
Kawa przygotowana w ekspresie ciśnieniowym Kolumbijska kawa jest uważana za produkt premium na światowym rynku. Suszenie ziarna na patio. Zielone owoce kawowca. Widok na plantację.
Kawa z kolumbii.  Kawa z kolumbii jako latte macchiato. Kolumbia excelso (z dużych ziaren)  jest kawą doskonałą pod espresso  Kolumbijskie kawy.


Roastery - the best source of coffee

Roastains roastery is a micro coffee producer - there is strength in small! We import our beans right after harvest to roast fresh coffee every day. Proper storage, roasting and attention to detail is a guarantee of specialty quality. We know everything about our Arabica coffees - where they come from, who grows them, which coffee botanical varieties the beans are from. You will find carefully selected coffees in our store.

You will also come across our coffee beans in many recognized coffee shops across Poland, something we are extremely proud of as a specialty segment roaster.


Kawa z Kolumbii – Flying Buddy



  • Origin: Los Monos, Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, Colombia
  • Farm: Finca Villa Clabelina
  • Producer: Hernan Prieto Soto & Eugenio Prieto Soto
  • Altitude: 1510 - 1800 m.a.s.l
  • Specie: Coffea arabica
  • Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
  • Processing: wet (washed)
  • Harvest: current crop
  • Quality: Specialty, 84 points from our Q Arabica Grader
Zamów dowolną ilość szt.


Discover beautiful region – Antioquia

Colombia mines emeralds and oil and grows coffee, of which it is the 3rd largest producer in the world. Coffee is grown almost in the western part of the country. The most recognizable regions are Huila, Narino, Tolima and Antioquia. From the latter comes our Colombia Flying Buddy.

The Antiquia region is located in the northwestern part of Colombia, its largest city is Medellin. Although the region is bordered by the Gulf of Uraba and the Caribbean Sea, most of the land is mountainous - giving the coffee grown there ideal conditions. The excellent geographic location is a huge asset for the region. Coffee grown on the slopes of the Andes Mountains bears excellent fruit. Thanks to such conditions, coffees from Colombia are considered among the best.

The coffee harvest in the Antioquia region takes place between April and December. A second, smaller harvest occurs from December to January.

Krzewy kawowe na plantacji.


Klimat Kolumbii jest idealny do sadzenia coffee arabica.


Finca Villa Clabelina - Beautiful Colombian coffee plantation

Hernan Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto are brothers who run a plantation that has been passed down in the family from generation to generation. The brothers live on the outskirts of Ciudad Bolivar. The city is 80% mountainous and 72% is considered rural. The Villa Clabalina plantation is located at an altitude of 1500-1800 meters above sea level, and was planted with caturra and Colombian coffee varieties more than fifty years ago.

Najlepsza kawa kolumbijska przygotowana w ekspresie ciśnieniowym.


Oto idealne warunki do uprawy kawy.


Coffee plantations in harmony with nature

The Prieto Soto brothers are part of the Coffee Growers Association, a group of farmers dedicated to producing high-quality raw material across the country in an environmentally sustainable way. The coffee plants grow in the shade of trees, so they grow more slowly, and the siblings boast a product of excellent quality.

The bushes are not sprayed with pesticides. Thanks to biodiversity - growing more than one botanical variety, such a system makes the coffee plants healthier and more resilient.

Arabica coffee zaspokaja podniebienia w różnej temperaturze ludzi na całym świecie.


Warta spróbowania jest szczególnie odmiana bourbon.


Colombia Excelso, Supremo - large coffee beans

These are designations for the average size of the beans in a given batch of raw coffee. With the development of the coffee trade, they were shaped independently on each continent and therefore, today we have different coffee size designations, which are determined by letters. Are large coffee beans at a premium?

Each size has a corresponding number and number of inches. Screens with different hole diameters are used to describe the size. The digital designation is the diameter of the holes in the sieve determined by 1/64 of an inch and a multiplier. That is, a 14/16 coffee is one that should have beans between 14/64 of an inch (5.55mm) and 16/64 (6.35mm) of an inch.

Colombia Flying Buddy is an excelso! On our blog, read the text we prepared for you about screening coffee.

Polecam jasno palone espresso.


Espresso z ziaren kolumbia excelso.


Processing - this is how green coffee beans are made

Harvesting takes place between October and December. The harvested fruits are subjected to wet processing.

Unlike natural processing, which will find low acidity, washed processing will provide crisp and clean fruit flavor notes and higher acidity. It is the most commonly used treatment in specialty segment coffees.

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Kolumbia excelso.


Separation of the flesh in the depulper

The first step during this processing is to separate the skin and pulp of the cherry from the most valuable product in all this fuss-green coffee. The process of separating the pulp is aided by a depulper along with processing infrastructure-an expensive machine that not every farm or even processing station can afford. The depulper separates the part from the peel and part of the pulp from the bean with a drum with holes.

Arabika coffee


Cappuccino z Kolumbii z dodatkiem czekolady.



The processed raw material goes into a tank filled with water, where the fermentation process will take place. After 24 hours, the coffee is drained into a canal, where it is washed of any remaining pulp using hoe-like tools, the cleaned coffee goes to a patio where it dries in the sun.

Kolumbia jest jedną z najpopularniejszych kaw na świecie.


Spróbuj kolumbijskiej kawy



After washing, the coffee, along with the parchment surrounding each bean, is dried in the open air on specially prepared tables. The coffee is stirred by hand so that it dries evenly. Workers pick through the coffee and remove defects. Such operations result in a clean tasting final product.

Odmiana coffee bourbon jest znana na całym świecie


Jedynie w Brazylii i Wietnamie produkuje się więcej kawy niż w Kolumbii.



The seed is now surrounded only by a membrane (silver skin) and a thicker skin called parchment (parchment). Parchment performs an extremely important function during drying - it slows down, thus stabilizing moisture loss, which has a positive effect on storability. The grains are dried for 20 days, during which time they are regularly run through, stirred and flipped. Once the moisture content of the parchment is about 12.5%, the raw material is collected from the patio, packed into large bags, where it is left to stabilize the moisture content for up to 3 months, all the while in the parchment - such a process is called reposo.

Worek kawy gotowy do transportu.


Mokra obróbka wpływa na aromat kaw.


Colombian Coffee is ready to ship!

The final step is to transport the grain, which has reached a moisture content of 11.5-12%, to a mill where the scab is removed, bagged and shipped in a container by ship.

Polecam zakupy w naszym sklepie!



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